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Leveraging Information to Reduce Energy-Increase Reliability & Security

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Building Occupant Wellness Control and Air Sterilization Systems for HVAC Systems and Indoor Air Quality 

Air Sterilization Systems Fights Airborne and Surface Virus, Bacteria, Mold Transmission in Occupied Spaces..and Cleans the Air..


Many pathogens spread through airborne transmission. A study by three recognized U.S. research institutes concluded that COVID-19 can remain airborne for up to 9 hours and if the indoor air quality (IAQ) conditions are suitable, viruses can linger in the breathing space for much longer periods of time. No amount of physical surface cleaning can prevent an airborne pathogens from infecting another person in the same breathing space, and no amount of surface cleaning can guarantee 100% disinfection, especially between cleanings.


Air Ionization Sterilization systems safely, automatically and continuously deactivates pathogens, mold spores, bacteria, VOC's, bad odors, etc. in indoor air spaces and on exposed surfaces, pervasively throughout entire buildings. Our Air Ionization Sterilization systems also effectively improves HVAC filtration efficiency, and can increase a MERV 11 filter to perform like a MERV 13 filter. 


Needle Point BiPolar Ionization (Air Sterilization) Technology:


NPBI technology works to safely clean the air inside commercial and residential buildings. The patented technology uses an electronic charge to create a plasma field filled with a high concentration of + and - ions. As these ions travel with the air stream they attach to particles, pathogens and gases. The ions help to agglomerate fine sub-micron particles, making them filterable. The ions kill pathogens by robbing them of life-sustaining hydrogen. The ions breakdown harmful VOCs with an Electron Volt Potential under twelve (eV<12) into harmless compounds like O2, CO2, N2, and H2O. The ions produced travel within the air stream into the occupied spaces, cleaning the air everywhere the ions travel, even in spaces unseen.


Active Airborne Virus Control Air Sterilization systems are not a replacement for recommended hand washing,surface cleaning, or social distancing practices – rather, the technology acts as an effective, additional biodefense shield.


Proven Effective for Indoor Air Quality Biodefense Planning Against Pathogens 


Most importantly, as it relates to COVID-19, Active Airborne Virus Control  Air Sterilization systems are proven to attack and kill viruses and bacteria. Independent testing by ELITE Labs proved that NPBI Air Sterilization killed and substantially reduced populations of each pathogen tested, including C. Difficile, Staphylococcus (STAPH), MRSA, E. Coli, Norovirus, Tuberculosis (TB), and Legionella.


When it comes to killing COVID-19, the newness of this pathogen means that there is limited test data, and samples of the pathogen for testing. However, as of March 09th, 2020, an expanded set of pathogens is presently being tested by an enlisted CDC ELITE rated labs, including a human Coronavirus (COVID-19) will be tested and the results will be available immediately once finalized.


Given the past performance and proven success rate to date of Active Airborne Virus Control Air Sterilization technology killing the most aggressive pathogens, Millennium Energy Consultants is confident our
technology will provide Active Airborne Virus Control against COVID-19. Results of the in progress COVID-19 lab testing will be shared when available.


System Benefits: 

  • Low energy consuming system (15 watts);
  • Produces NO traceable bi-products or OZONE;
  • Harmless to humans and pets;
  • Kills airborne & surface bacteria, pathogens (viruses), mold spores, VOC's-odors, allergens, fine particulates, etc.
  • Requires no parts replacement or maintenance once installed;
  • Carbon fiber design-Compatible with all installation environments;
  • Duct mounted design carbon fiber brush needlepoint ION emitters with Auto-cleaning (no maintenance);
  • Customizable for all air ducts based HVAC systems;
  • UL & CE approved;
  • Achieve UL 867 Ozone Standard;
  • Pass the RCTA DO-160 standard for aircraft;
  • Certified by FAA;
  • Receive OSPHD seismic (OSP) certification


Our Air Sterilization systems are available now from Millennium Energy Consultants, for all commercial, military, government, industrial, and residential building types, including full professional turnkey installation services anywhere in the United States and Canada.





Our powerful, highly effective, broad spectrum disinfectant that is both stable and safe. Our solution of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) which is

stabilised using a proprietary ionic silver based chemistry, when correctly applied to water, air or any surface. Our well proven and certified disinfectant will disinfect through an oxidisation process and
continue to safely provide unrivalled residual performance.
Our solution is chlorine and alcohol free, with no corrosive
effects on usual materials of construction during application. After use it simply degrades into harmless water and oxygen as one of the safest forms of highly effective disinfection for medical facilities, commercial buildings, schools, government facilities, military facilities, sports facilities, restaurants, airports, transportation facilities, hotels, condo's, and more. We are well stocked and ready to ship anywhere NOW!!! 



Contact Millennium Energy Consultants now to schedule a no obligation conference call to learn more about our HVAC Active Airborne Virus Control System for your facilities air ducts, air flow registers, HVAC system coils.....






COVID-19 Disaster Response Assistance
Millennium Energy Consultants is a Maryland based consulting, engineering, and installation services firm that provides well documented and widely installed disaster management solutions to help government agencies, cities, towns, and crisis management organizations, to directly address their most complex and challenging disaster recovery and lifesaving facilities design, management, restoration or repurposing needs.
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Air Sterilization Services for Public Transportation Services
Offering continuous air sterilization services for the interior passenger cabin or compartment spaces in airplanes, buses, trains, boats, fleet and fleet storage facilities. ,
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Continuous Air Sterilization Services
Providing building occupant wellness and continuous air sterilization and cleaning. Helping building owners and operators to maintain clean and sanitized interior occupied spaces, and reducing the risk of sick building syndrome,while improving occupant wellness and productivity.
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Active Airborne Virus Control for HVAC Systems
Our Active Airborne Virus Control Air Sterilization systems feature patented Needle Point Bi-Polar Ionization (NPBI) technology. The NPBI process safely generates charged ions that attach to airborne pathogens, dust, mold spores, bacteria, dander, and pollen, subsequently increasing their mass and size. This allows the existing air filtration system to easily capture the larger particles, increasing the capture efficiency of the HVAC filtration. In fact, testing conducted by the National Research Council at a healthcare facility in Victoria, BC in 2019 measured a 23% reduction in fine airborne particulate as a result of using this technology, providing proven substantial health benefits. Facilities, such as restaurants, dentist, office buildings, military bases, government buildings, labor
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