Leveraging Information to Reduce Energy-Increase Reliability & Security
Leveraging Information to Reduce Energy-Increase Reliability & Security

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Building Automation System

Building Automation System HMI Architecture

Building Automation Systems (BAS) provide critical real time facility operational monitoring, control and reporting functionality for commercial properties, federal government facilities, hotels, airports, schools, and other structures. More specifically, BAS are comprised of controllers, sensors, security cameras,remote terminal units (RTU’s), programmable logic controllers (PLC’s) and metering as the primary data acquisition sources.  BAS operator workstations can be deployed in one or more locations in a facility and provide facility operators with critical facility operational data such as building equipment run times, sequence of operation, fault detection, night or holiday set back schedules, energy conservation management measurement and verification (M&V), renewable energy asset management monitoring, LEED certification points, building internal and external temperatures, thermostat control, floor by floor or zone equipment control, all via a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Other operational technology such as energy information management systems (EIM), security systems, building card access management systems, weather data CLOUD services, GIS, lighting control systems and other systems can be integrated into the BAS to form and support high-performance SMART buildings via the convergence of incongruent building operational intelligence.


Millennium Energy Consultants has the technical capability to support entities seeking to more efficiently and economically run their facility and have access to enhanced and integrated real time operational building intelligence data from anywhere in the world via a smart device.  Our BAS technicians are industry certified (Tridium, DisTech, Honeywell) to design, install, integrate, operate and maintain many of the industry’s leading BAS platforms.    


Building Automation Systems & Installation Services

  • DisTech Controls
  • CTO-Continuous Thermal Optimization
  • Honeywell Building Controls
  • Tridium Niagara-JACE-Building Automation Controls
  • Pneumatic Thermostats to Direct Digital Control (DDC) Thermostats 
  • Submetering and Power Quality Submetering
  • BAS Monitoring Systems + Submetering System Packages for GREEN farming 
  • BAS Systems Design Engineering
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) Design Engineering
  • BAS Communications Network
  • Programming Services
  • Legacy Systems Integration Services
  • Sub-metering Data Integration Services
  • Water Usage and Leak Detection Dashboards
  • Cybersecurity Risk Management Framework (RMF) for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) 

Continuous Thermal Optimization (CTO) HVAC/R Forensic Analysis Software Tool 



Our CTO forensic engineering thermal optimization solution is based on identifying all of the issues causing thermal inefficiencies in HVAC/R systems. These issues are typically overlooked by traditional building management systems, HVAC/R service companies, and equipment operators. Our comprehensive program offers the most current Internet of Things (IoT) based VIP sensor kits, analytical software, forensic engineering analysis, and Nano technology products that are completely unique in the market. Thermal inefficiency within the HVAC/R market is responsible for the most energy waste and often the least reviewed aspect of HVAC/R performance. Identifying the issues and developing a thermal optimization plan to

address these deficiencies allows us to maximize every watt used to thermally transfer every BTU. Some of the contributing issues include:


1. Unreliable sensor data
2. Low Delta T Syndrome
3. Lost equipment capacity
4. Internally fouled heat exchangers
5. Evaporator enthalpy losses


These unique tools dramatically increase visibility and understanding of usage and behavior at a deeper level using real time data capture from our VIP IoT sensors. Compared to traditional HVAC/R diagnostic systems, the deep forensic engineering abilities of our VIP IoT sensor kits is like moving from an X-Ray machine to a MRI in terms of data visibility at a forensic level. Our proprietary Virtual Intelligence Platform (VIP) monitors Roof Top Units (RTU's), DX HVAC/R or Chiller operational subsystems and provides full system forensic engineering diagnostics. ASHRAE has recognized this online reporting tool as state of the art in the industry.


Over an IPMVP M&V test period on a test HVAC/R unit, the VIP kits will generate large volumes of pre/post- comparable test data sets that provide incontrovertible proof of restored cooling capacity and reduced kW/ton performance. A prospective customer typically completes diligence and then conducts confirmatory testing aka VIP Pilot.

The pilot process involves four steps: 1) equipment selection & qualification; 2) pre-test baseline data collection; 3) treatment/sensors installation and run time; and, 4) post treatment/sensors data collection, analysis and reporting. Millennium Energy Consultants Team works closely with customer facility managers to plan, conduct, analyze and report IPMVP based M&V pilot results. Typically this process takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete from start to finish.


To receive additional technical information and documentation about the CTO analysis tool and how to restore cooling capacity to your HVAC/R systems or to schedule a virtual GoToMeeting presentation please click on the Contact Us tab, fill out the inquiry section of the page and submit your inquiry to us for immediate follow up.  

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