Helping You To Save Energy and Improve Asset Management
Helping You To Save Energy and Improve Asset Management

    Power Monitoring & Sub-Metering Services 

Utility & Submetering Services


Millennium Energy Consultants has installed a variety of smart metering devices in commercial and federally owned and operated properties in support of Demand Response initiatives, tenant sub-metering, critical building loads monitoring, power quality analysis, Sequence of Events reporting, enterprise level asset management, and energy policy compliance. The experience of our staff and ownership has shown that simplicity, flexibility, and affordability are the cornerstones of success in the building metering systems industry. Millennium Energy Consultants is dedicated to delivering cutting edge solutions for metering and building automation to optimize energy and equipment usage and increase tenant comfort in a facility. As we are not big advocates of the “one and done” installation approach, we make it a general practice to provide Energy Information Management (EIM) asset management maintenance and repair services on most system installations.


Millennium Energy Consultants has intimate installation knowledge of a wide variety of metering devices and possess the engineering technical capability to integrate meter data into energy reporting dashboards, enterprise-level energy information dashboard software applications or brand name Building Automation Systems which allow the owner, operator, O&M contractor or retail energy brokers to properly assess the data collected and analyze or benchmark for the following from anywhere in the world:


  • Cost per Sq. Ft.
  • Performance rating against similar properties
  • Degree day cost
  • Peak Demand Factors
  • Electricity price hedging
  • Load shedding
  • ​Power quality analysis
  • Green House Gas (GHG) emissions
Millennium Energy Consultants technical expertise extends from the electric utility meter out to the building loads.  Our experience in control of these systems is the next step in managing cost; this combined with the technology provided with the metering system will allow for seamless demand management, enterprise level asset management reporting and your ability to convert real-time data into actionable information .  


Utility and Tenant Sub-Metering Installation Services

  • Power & Energy Monitoring Device Installation
  • Low Cost 3-Phase kW and kWh Power Meter Installation
  • Utility KYZ Pulse Counting Data Logger Installs
  • Single Phase Energy Metering Installation
  • Tenant Energy Tracking & Sub-billing Sub-metering Installation Services
  • Data Concentrators (water/air/gas/electric/steam monitoring) Installation
  • Metering Design/Commissioning/Programming/Integration Services
  • Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Services
  • Sequence of Events Recording (SER) for Critical Facilities 
  • In-Field Metering (electric/gas/steam/water) Reading and Repair Services
  • Customized Metering Information Dashboards





Millennium Energy Consultants-Helping Your Operational Process to Achieve a Higher Level of Energy Efficiency Performance 

ASHRAE-Level Energy Auditing Services

Leveraging Forensic Auditing to Uncover Wasteful Energy Spending
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