Leveraging Information to Reduce Energy-Increase Reliability & Security
Leveraging Information to Reduce Energy-Increase Reliability & Security

Rapid Mobile Application Prototyping (RMAP)


Website design or mobile application prototyping is a critical stage in developing a product. Unfortunately however, many product management teams or entrepreneurs skip this stage and move straight to the product R&D development stage. As a result, mistakes in design and functional weaknesses of the product are discovered only after the release or launch, which can result in poor customer ratings, low product usage, and in some cases, loss of life. Mobile application developer talent acquistion is difficult in the consulting arena. As a result, too much time and money is spent solving problems that could have been prevented by proper prototyping.

Millennium Energy Consultants and its highly skilled U.S. based mobile application development team, offers a proprietary technology and process that allows us to take high-level defense (DoD) military or commercial product requirements and build an actual Mobile App Prototype that clients can install and test functions in "real-time" in your operational environment.  

Rapid prototyping saves from having to spend the time and money to acquire the mobile development talent since we already have the talent in place. Code generated is fully functional and can be used as a baseline to build the final application when the project is fully approved. 

Developer Team Experience and Rapid Mobile App Prototypes for:

  •  Tracking
  • Geofencing-Enabled action or aleart
  • Triggering Remote Collection Devices
  • Scanning for Data
  • Support to Recovery Operation
  • Sensor Activation Function
  • Communications Function
  • Asset Management-Loss Prevention and Logistics
  • Unobtrusive Security for People on the Go
  • Security Tracking
  • Large Events Planning-Crowd-Sourced Security Support
  •  Countering Human Trafficking
  • Enhance Training Capabilities

To learn more about Rapid Mobile Application Prototyping (RMAP) or to schedule a brief RMAP virtual presentation, please contact us at email: info@millenniumenergyconsultants.com or use the Contact Us page at www.millenniumenergyconsultants.com 



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